Cannister Popcorn

Cannister Popcorn

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Reusable Jars with hangers...hang them off the tree if you wish! 


Kringle Crunch -Our tasty vanilla flavored popcorn and pretzels, coated with peppermint infused white chocolate. Once coated, the popcorn is sprinkled with real crushed peppermint candies. 9 oz reusable jar

Cheddar - Delicious fresh popcorn tossed in cheddar cheese for the ultimate yummy treat!

Each jar contains 4 cups (dry measure) of popcorn and is reusable (product labels peel off easily). Lid has a fold-able handle allowing the product to be displayed either on a peg hook or shelf. Each jar is induction sealed allowing for a shelf life of up to 5 months.