Car Charm Scent Sprays

Car Charm Scent Sprays

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You've picked out your car charm scent, now you need to get a scent or three to swap your scent out based on your mood!

Each scent should last you a year ( depending on use)

Spray 1-2 spritzes onto the hair side of your charm! 


Amarillo by Morning- notes of citrus , bergamont, sea salt, and amber woods

Baja Cactus- cactus flower, white flower, green cactus stem and sun kissed coconut

King George- leather , night ice and vanilla

Naked Cowgirl - butt naked and leather

Night Ice- smells just like a popular mens fragrance Tommy

Pink Sugar sweet and soft sugar , aqulolina 

Rip - blend of sage, bergamont spice and leather woods, warm and fresh. sexy and masculine.