Summertime Seasonings

Summertime Seasonings

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 Maynard's Memphis BBQ Rub and Seasoning is a sweet rub that packs big bold BBQ flavor that's best for smoking. This rub does contain sugar, so the heat needs to be indirect with low N slow temperatures that work best for smoking to prevent burning. Maynard's Memphis rub doesn't need sauce at the end, but feel free to sauce, if desired. If you want to be asked for seconds, thirds or even more at that backyard BBQ competition, then this is the rub you need for spare ribs, baby backs, pork butts, brisket, chicken or turkey. Also great on popcorn. There's no MSG, and at 100 mg sodium/serving, this seasoning is far lower in sodium than the competition. It should be applied heavily the night before your cook. Our slogan: "If it didn't exist in 1850, it ain't in here" means that everything in every Miners Mix product is made from only natural ingredients with nothing artificial or manmade.

Roast and Prime Rib Herbed Seasoning and dry rub contains an abundance of the spice goodies needed to produce the perfect succulent, restaurant-quality bark on oven-roasted prime rib, or any pork or beef roast, lamb, goat, wild game or any other roasted protein. All your guests will be around the oven breathing in the aroma. The low salt blend contains rosemary, garlic, black pepper, oregano, and thyme for a balanced flavor with zero heat. Roast and Prime Rib Rub contains no MSG, and at 80 mg sodium/serving, this seasoning is much lower in sodium than other rubs. It can be applied heavily, if desired without fear of over salting. For best results, apply to your prime rib or other meat roast the night before. 

Poultry Perfection is perfection itself for any kind of oven roasted, BBQ, grilled, smoked, deep fried or rotisserie poultry. The rub's mild flavor complements perfectly the mild flavors of turkey, chicken, goose, or duck cooked any number of ways. The flavor doesn't overpower or predominate, which makes it ideal for use on mild flavored proteins such as roasted pork loin or as a topper for deviled eggs or popcorn. There's no MSG, and at 90 mg sodium/serving, this seasoning is lower in sodium than just about all other brands. It can be applied heavily if desired without fear of over salting. 

XXX-Garlic Dry Rub is NOT your grandmother's plain ol' garlic salt. XXX-Garlic is the perfect low salt balanced blend of herbs, spices and garlic!  Lots of garlic; powered, granulated and minced (XXX)! The blend is a personal favorite and definitely is not harsh as garlic can often be. It takes any protein, seafood, or vegetable to a whole new addictive level. Everything benefits from garlic and this versatile seasoning with no heat is perfect for everything cooked indoors on your stove, oven, crock pot, or airfryer, or outdoors on the grill, or smoker. Don't just cook your food, craft it to become irresistible with our handmade proprietary blend that's great on beef, pork, lamb, shrimp, fish, venison, turkey, casseroles, popcorn and vegetables. There's no MSG, and at 100 mg sodium/serving, this seasoning is low salt compared to other prime rib seasonings.

 Original Steak and Veggie is a perfect, balanced blend of herbs and spices that is a very versatile seasoning for all proteins or vegetables. It's fantastic on just about everything and anything, cooked pretty much anyway you can imagine. Steak and Veggie works in harmony with the natural flavor of the food and doesn't overpower or become a predominate flavor. It's great on tri tip, roasts, steaks, burgers, chicken, or pork chops, popcorn, and grilled, roasted or air-fried veggies ranging from asparagus to zucchini. It is particularly good on grilled olive oil splashed mushrooms. Just about anything you care to eat and Original Steak and Veggie is THE seasoning for it. There's no MSG, and at 115 mg sodium/serving, this seasoning is lower in sodium than just about all others. It can be applied heavily, if desired without fear of over salting